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Expert Engine (formerly ORC Experts) is excited to announce the launch of a new expert portal with improved user experience.

If you are an existing expert, currently enrolling, or would like to join, you will use the new portal to update your profile, submit invoices, or complete enrollment.

To get started, go to:

Note: Existing Experts must set a new password to use the new site. Your current password will not work on the new site. On the new site, click the red Login button, then click "Forgot your password" at the bottom of the login page to set a password.

Thank you for being an Expert!

Benefits and Features

An Expert Service Rich in Tradition and Value

You'll be part of a distinguished network of world-class experts representing thousands of areas of science, engineering, medicine, regulation, and business. ORC International created the network in 1984. Since then, our experts have successfully completed thousands of interactions with clients. Our goal has always been to provide business and industry with a better way of tapping into the knowledge of the world's most gifted scientists, engineers, physicians, researchers and technical professionals.

Consulting Services

As an ORC International Expert Advisory Services® expert, you will have the opportunity to increase your revenue by providing consulting to clients who need your expertise. ORC International Expert Advisory Services matches consulting requests to appropriate experts according to the information provided in each expert's biography. When we find a match between a qualified request and an expert, we contact the expert regarding his or her interest and availability.


ORC International Expert Advisory Services generates requests through sales and marketing efforts to a targeted audience of business and legal professionals. In addition, ORC International Expert Advisory Services manages the paperwork, billing, web site security, confidentiality issues, customer service functions, and the overall administrative work behind each transaction. All you need to do is to write a detailed biographical profile, specify your consulting services, and interact with clients. We'll take care of the rest.

Expectations and Commitments

ORC International Expert Advisory Services's policy is to minimize rules and complex procedures for the work performed by our network of experts. We rely on the dedication, integrity and professionalism of experts to ensure that the service they provide is of maximum benefit to our clients.

When you accept our agreement and sign up as an ORC International Expert Advisory Services expert, you will be asked to submit a biographical profile of your credentials, work history, consulting experience, etc. ORC International Expert Advisory Services's expert recruiters review every submission for completeness, accuracy, and fit. Our experts typically have advanced academic degrees and twenty or more years of practical experience in their area of expertise. Many have patents and publications in their name, and have consulted on their own for many years. We expect that ORC International Expert Advisory Services experts are current in their profession and that they do their very best to help clients find the right answers to problems.

We ask that when contacted regarding potential client work all our experts make every effort to let us know of their interest and availability within 24 hours. We pre-screen all consulting requests and only contact our experts with legitimate opportunities. We also ask that our experts submit online payment requests for active projects on at least a monthly basis and keep their online biography current.

If you have further questions, please read our Expert Guide. We view working with our experts as a true partnership and are deeply committed to developing and maintaining a close working relationship. We always welcome your ideas and input.